The Royal Family

       My interests are rather varied. I used to build and mess about with motorbikes  before I did my left knee in. My father had always had motorbikes, as did my first great love. I used to race on Whitley Bay Beach in the sand, having a wonderful time. I have always been interested in how things work, which is why anatomy and physiology came fairly easily to me.  When I had a Meniscectomy in 1990, I found I could no longer ride motorbikes and I was devastated.


       Then, I discovered Computers. That was something else I could take apart! And find out how it worked!  This was opening a door for me. I was working at the time and could not go out and take courses not related to work, I didn’t have much time for that. So I twiddled at home and bought books, learning as I went along,


       Soon I discovered the Internet and then I met Grant…….well you know the rest!


       I am not keen on TV by and large, but I do like a good documentary or an old film. I am fond of reading, and like Sci Fi or Fantasy for that( LOTR and Asimov in particular.)  My favourite authoress of this genre is Marion Zimmer Bradley, especially her Fires of Troy book. 


       I also am fascinated by history, especially Archaeology and Palaeontology. I have holidayed in Egypt, Greece and Italy, and have many pictures from that. I loved Egypt and if the doc ever says I can travel again, I shall go there. I read essays by Margaret Murray (oddly enough, also a Pagan Author), Henry Breasted, Budge, and Rosalie David.   For Palaeontology I would recommend Edwin H. Corbett, Bob Bakker or Jack Horner. Dinosaurs fascinate me, from their appearance in the Triassic of about 220 million years ago to their extinction about 65 million years ago.


       Then, of course, there is music. I have a fairly narrow taste in this, limited to, ELP, Deep Purple, Led Zep, TYA; Cream, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Mountain, Alice Cooper, Maggie Bell, Status Quo, Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Outlaws, Black Oak Arkansas, and Steppenwolf. The rest tend to be one off hits from my youth. I saw these bands a long time ago, live: ah, happy days!


       I also like some poetry, mostly the Metaphysical Poets of the 16th/17th Centuries, such as John Donne and George Herbert, as well as Wilfrid Owens WW1 poetry.


       I read books in German still, as I have no wish to lose that skill!