The Royal Family

These are my Mum and Dad. My Dad was the greatest man I have ever known, and when he died in May 93, he left a gap which can never be really filled. Dad was in the Navy, a Lieutenant Commander in Engineering. Mum was the local town beauty and at 17, ten years younger than he when they married. He always said she swept him off his feet! My Mum has now left us to be with my Dad,but she used to be like a tornado of energy, They taught me to be tolerant, both in religion and politics, and not to be racist, as people are just people. They were and are terrific.

These are our two puddycats, Freya and Cleo. They are both female. Little Freya is ginger and white and very sweet: a typical cat, she can pick her way across a crowded mantelpiece and is only affectionate to her own humans. Cleo is a little older and is larger and heavier. She is noisy, vocal, curious, affectionate and demanding and so loving you can only cuddle her in return. They help me when I am on the computer and Cleo knows where the enter key is!!!

This is the happiest day of my life, our wedding day. I am so lucky in Grant, my second husband. He adores me and looks after me and enriches my life so much.He is Atheist and I follow British Trad.Grant has trained to be a Teacher in Mathematics.I am hoping to step down to part time soon.

This is Grant Carpenter, a young man who pursued me hotly (much to my alarm, at first) until he finally persuaded me to marry him. I am old enough to be his mother. We met in Paganism 1, a Yahoo chatroom, in 2003. I was astounded and flabbergasted at first and ran as fast as I could, but he has made sure I have never had cause to regret the decision to marry him. I love him very much and life is wonderful. He is my Bunny and I am his Birdie (no, donít ask! You wouldnít believe it!!

This is my brother John, his wife Lydia, and his two daughters, Laura and Rebecca. John is younger than I am by 15 months, and a real long cold drink of water at 6 feet 3 inches!! He works as a personnel manager in James Lister and Company, which firm supplies household and toiletry effects. John is one of the most down to earth and sensible people I have ever met. Lydia, his wife, is a nurse, who works as a specialist nurse in NE Birmingham, researching and preventing falls in the elderly housebound. Laura, the elder of the two girls, works as a museum curator in Worcester and is married to Matt (whom she met whilst she did her MasterĎs Degree course in Archaeology). They have a son called Alex.Becky is younger and has a degree in Psychology: she works at one of the local hospitals, looking after her own little girl Ava. My nieces are two lovely girls, and their parents are with good reason proud of them.